Coast to Coast Romance

Interview with Brittney Bell

January 16, 2022 Ann Jensen & Skylar West Season 2 Episode 3
Coast to Coast Romance
Interview with Brittney Bell
Show Notes

Interview with Britney Bell

Sports Romance author

Q. Is Sports Romance your Favorite to read as well as to write?

Q. Do you have a favorite author or Series in the Sports Romance Genre? 

A: Kelly Jamieson – 5 book box series Heller Brothers Hockey 

Q. Do you focus on Pro level athletes? 

Q. Have you written Hockey Romance?

Q. Favorite trope to read or write?

Q. Ever had a review that sparked your happy place?

A. Texas Tornado series sparked a lot of positive vibes that really touched my heart.

Q. Worst or least favorite in romance?

A. Dark romance where there are really dark aspects like rape or abuse.

Q. What other type of genre would you love to be able to write? 

A. How-to Books 

Q. What would you like to share with listeners?

Q. WIP for 2022

A. Texas Tornado series, Christmas in Italy, My True Hearts


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